Are you opening an online shop, writing a new blog, or forming a non-profit serving the community?


My service packages provide you with the foundation to launch, maintain, and grow your vision.


Branding consists of styles, graphics, and colors that give your company a personality, your unique voice in communicating your story. It’s your brand that identifies you and makes you stand out among competitors.

Strong graphic branding establishes a good reputation online; along with increased trust, loyalty, and confidence with your visitors. It helps make a meaningful connection and increases customer recommendations.

UX Web Design

A visually attractive website attracts and keeps users on your site. Its important to have a clean and user-friendly (UX) optimized interface where visitors will enjoy reading and interacting to learn more. I specialize in building custom websites in WordPress.


I offer digital communication services in newsletters, email, and social media.

Communicating with your visitor/customer is important to establish and maintain a meaningful and trusted relationship. Patrons who have a good experience will come back and recommend your website and services to family and friends.


Ongoing Website Care and Maintenance is necessary to secure the site and prevent vulnerabilities. Some of these tasks are:

  •  Constant website monitoring for speed, uptime and security
  • Timely software updates on WordPress core files, theme and plugins
  •  Daily website backups saved off-site