Dog-Tired Dogs and Caesar

Adventures With the Dog-Tired Dogs

Chuck Carlson was a storyteller. One of his favorite subjects was the adventures we had with our two black labs, Malachi and Moria. They were our kids from 1972-1975, later joined by our three children.

I’ll let these “true adventures” describe their personalities along with the joy they gave us. Hopefully you’ll get a laugh. Enjoy these on your own or with your children and grandchildren.

The first story is a free download. If you like it , please feel free to make a donation or purchase more stories. 

Chuck Carlson went to his eternal home in June of 2016, I only wish Chuck had had more time to record his other stories, because they always had me laughing.

Thanks for listening!

Lin Carlson

Chuck with granddog, Lola
Chuck with granddog, Lola